Junwei Zhu: Tsinghua PBCSF BRI EMBA, a Multi-national and Cross-cultural Journey
  • 2022-07-07 00:00
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Junwei Zhu, student from the inaugural cohort of the BRI EMBA Program. He is currently Chairman of Summer Capital, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Swiss Education Group, and Vice Chairman of SEBA Bank. He previously served as Head of UBS Investment Banking Asia, Head of Global Capital Markets Asia, and Vice Chairman of UBS China.

The memorable experiences I shared with students from many nations and backgrounds were the highlight of my academic journey. The program has enrolled students from 24 nations and regions, and our classes travel to nations along the Belt and Road. As a member of the inaugural cohort, I have seen firsthand how every class module and activity is brand-new and packed with useful information. The courses are also updated and improved on a regular basis. From the first class in Beijing to Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Shanghai, we have had the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the cultures of many different nations. Experts and academics who work with representatives from local regulatory authorities join our courses, and we also have many opportunities of field visits. Every time is a brand-new adventure!

We held a forum in Kuala Lumpur

My classmates are outstanding. They range from actual controllers of sizable publicly traded companies to decision-makers at major financial institutions and well-known corporations to active investors. Many of us had previously interacted, but never in such a warm or intimate way. Some students instantly feel like pals even if they've never met. Along with the amazing times we shared with our classmates, several of us have now grown to be long-term business partners. Some students have even finished merging businesses and investments.

We visited the Bank of Thailand

For me, Tsinghua PBCSF BRI EMBA offers the ideal international and cross-cultural experience by allowing us to study alongside exceptional students and teachers from all over the world.